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Jesper Hoffmeyer Memorial Celebration Day

In 2019, shortly after the death of our dear friend and colleague, Jesper Hoffmeyer, a number of us began making plans for a Memorial Conference in his honour to take place the following spring at the University of Copenhagen. The arrival of the COVID pandemic in March of that year put an end to that plan, as international travel […]

Donald Favareau

An Evening with Jesper Hoffmeyer   In this half-hour video presentation, Jesper Hoffmeyer recounts his early days as a “positivist” biochemist, his involvement with the radical student movement in Denmark and Paris in 1968, and how he came to help initiate the current project of biosemiotics – as well as how he sees the future […]

Silver Rattasepp

The Ontological Primacy of Umwelt Individuation – the genesis of individual entities – is generally presumed to begin with the ontology of already constituted individuals. Thus claims Gilbert Simondon. Rather than describing the appearance of individual beings from something pre-individual, the analysis of the appearance of concrete entities usually concerns itself with the appearance of […]