Biosemiotics Achievement Award

The Biosemiotics Achievement Award was established in 2014 to recognize novel and important contributions to the field.

The statutes governing the award can be found here.


The winner of the Biosemiotics Achievement Award for 2019 is:

Yogi Hale Hendlin for his article “I Am a Fake Loop: the Effects of Advertising-Based Artificial Selection.”

Previous years

2018 Mirko Cerrone, “Umwelt and Ape Language Experiments: on the Role of Iconicity in the Human-Ape Pidgin Language.”

2017 Timothy C. Mullet, Almo Farina, Stuart H. Gage, “The Acoustic Habitat Hypothesis: An Ecoacoustics Perspective on Species Habitat Selection.”

2016 Sergio L. Rodríguez Gómez, “Recurrences and Agential Meaning Making: Laying a Path in Walking.”

2015 Lynn Chiu and Scott F. Gilbert, “The Birth of the Holobiont: Multi-species Birthing Through Mutual Scaffolding and Niche Construction.”