Call for papers




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Copenhagen May 24-27, 2001

Preliminary list of contributors


Myrdene Anderson – moderating general discussion

Stefan Artman – Three types of semiotic indeterminacy and their relevance to biosemiotics

Marcello Barbieri – A brief history of semantic biology

Thierry Bardini – Does junk-DNA break the genetic code metaphor?

Sabine Brauckmann – Biosemiotics: Is it a tool of theoretical biology or a theory of biology?

Luis Emilio Bruni – Does “quorum sensing” imply a new type of biological information?

Soren Brier – Intrasemiotics

Han-liang Chang – Naming animals in Chinese writing

Sergey Chebanov – On the concept of sense: Towards bilateralist biosemiotics

Peder Voetmann Christiansen – Habit formation as symmetry breaking in the early universe

Claus Emmeche – Biosemiosis, downward causation, and function in the organism

Donald Favareau – Beyond self and other: The neurosemiotic emergence of intersubjectivity

Anton Fürlinger – Is movement the ‘highest’ code?

Peter Harries-Jones – Where bonds become binds: the necessity for Bateson’s inter-subjective perspective in biosemiotics

Jesper Hoffmeyer – Life, energy and semiosis

Wolfgang Hofkirchner – Biosemiosis in the context of self-organization

Abir U. Igamberdiev – Semiotic structure of living systems: imprints, codes and language games

Tuomo Jämsä – Like a sheet of paper: The interplay between sign and meaning in nature

Vefa Karatay and Yagmur Denizhan – Evolution of the “window”

Kalevi Kull – Biosemiotics means biology

Dominique Lestel – Human/animal commmunications, language and evolution

Andres Luure – Understanding life: Trans-semiotic analogies

Anton Markos – An attempt of a hermeneutics of the living

Tiberiu Mustata – The world as semiosis – a semiotic model of reality and evolution

Jorge de Barros Pires – The universality of sign in Charles S. Peirce Semiotics

Jyoo-Hi Rhee – Qualia: From the mind-body dichotomy to the biosemiocybernetic paradigm

Andreas Roepstorff – Thinking with animals

Alexei A. Sharov – Pragmatics and biosemiotics

Martin Skov – Some problems in neurosemiotics

Frederik Stjernfelt – Symbols and the evolutionary transition from animal to man

Edwina Taborsky – Architecture of an evolutionary semiosis

Elling Ulvestad – Evolution, semiotics and extraterrestrial life

Tommi Vehkavaara – How and why to naturalize semiotic concepts for biosemiotics?

Andreas Weber – Mimesis and metaphor. A biosemiotic commentary on the origin of symbolic forms in the cultural philosophy of Ernst Cassirer

Tom Ziemke – Robosemiotics