CFP for a special issue of the journal Biosemiotics: “Constructive biosemiotics”


The journal Biosemiotics (Springer) is preparing a special issue on “Constructive biosemiotics” guest-edited by Tommi Vehkavaara and Alexei Sharov. The aim of the Special Issue is to integrate constructive approach with biosemiotics by taking a view to organisms (and perhaps other kinds of living systems) as agents that construct (1) their cognitive contents and habits of interpreting signs, (2) their functional (sub)structures that perform such construction, and (at least partly) (3) the environment they are interacting with (the environment typically including other agents). The constructive perspective thus opposes the view where organisms are seen mainly as patients passively reacting to the external forces.

Please Download the call for papers by cliking here.

Deadline for submitting tentative titles and abstracts: January 2016

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