Biosemiotic Achievement Award for the Year 2015 goes to Lynn Chiu and Scott F. Gilbert


The Annual Biosemiotic Achievement Award was established at the annual meeting of the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies (ISBS) on July 3rd, 2014 in conjunction with Springer Publishing, publishers of the Society’s official journal, Biosemiotics. The aim of the Award is to recognize those papers published in the journal that present novel and potentially important contributions to the ongoing project of biosemiotic research, its scientific impact and its future prospects.  This year, the Selection Committee – Don Favareau (ISBS), Karel Kleisner (Biosemiotics), Izabela Witkowska (Springer) – arrived at its decision to bestow the award on Lynn Chiu and Scott F. Gilbert’s ‘The Birth of the Holobiont: Multi-species Birthing Through Mutual Scaffolding and Niche Construction (published in the August 2015 issue of Biosemiotics, Vol 8 (2): 191–210). The Selection Committee highlighted the following four aspects of its particularly unique importance and excellence: 1) importance to the future development of biosemiotics; 2) potential for synthesis between biosemiotics and other disciplinary perspectives; 3) contribution to bringing new young scholars to the field; 4) opportunity for development by and within the biosemiotic perspective. Additional information about the Award 2015 can be found in the 2016 paper: ‘Biosemiotic Achievement Award for the Year 2015’, Biosemiotics 9(1): 151-153.


The ISBS in conjunction with Springer Publishing congratulates Lynn Chiu and Scott Gilbert as the recipients of the first Annual Biosemiotics Achievement Award, who are awarded a book voucher from Springer Publishers worth EUR 250, and an electronic subscription to Biosemiotics for 1 year.

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