An Urgent Appeal for Help: The Jesper Hoffmeyer Rehabilitation Fund

Dear Friends and Members of the ISBS,

As many of you know by now, our Society’s first President and co-founder, our friend and colleague Jesper Hoffmeyer suffered a cerebellar stroke on August 2 of last year, which has left him considerably impaired physically, though his higher mental faculties have been spared. The damage to his cerebellum is such that, at the time of his stroke five months ago, Jesper lost his ability to swallow, speak, see normally and use most of the right side of his body and has been confined to hospital and rehabilitative care centers ever since.

Happily, he has been making great progress since that time and, while still tube-fed and wheelchair bound, and unable to swallow or coordinate his eye muscles together enough to effectively read, much less write –  he has expended extraordinary effort in the speech therapy that he has been given such that now, with great effort and concentration, he can make his messages understood. He has also made great progress in regaining a lot of voluntary muscle control, and can move his trunk, head, limbs and hands at will, and can even propel himself some distances in his wheelchair. All of this progress is extremely encouraging, and is the result not only of Jesper’s own heroic efforts at recovery, but of the intensive physiotherapy training that he has been receiving in the Danish healthcare system for the first three months after suffering the stroke.

The very, very serious problem that he is confronted now, however, is this:

Because of the rules on age-based care limits, Jesper’s state-sponsored in-residence speech, swallowing and voluntary motor control therapy ended almost one month ago, on December 19th of last year. Since that time, Jesper’s family have been paying out of pocket to have his rehabilitative treatment continued at the Vejle Fjord Rehabilitaion Center, which charges a basic room charge of 17,000 Euro ($19,000 USD) per month, plus another 30,000-50,000 Euro ($35,000 – $55,000) for tests. In short, the rehabilitation center estimates that it will cost approximately 80,000 Euro ($85,000 USD) for the two months of physical therapy that Jesper needs before his motor skills and eye coordination are good enough to allow him to continue his speech and swallowing therapy at home — and, as is his wish, to be able to read and write with colleagues again and to continue his research and publishing on Biosemiotics.

As the friends, colleagues and intellectual kindred spirits of our Society’s co-founder and first President, Jesper Hoffmeyer, we would like to be able to help him and his family at this time, so we have set up a simple-to-use donation system in the hopes of helping them offset these extremely expensive rehabilitation fees this holiday season. There is no set minimum or maximum contribution amount, the amount of your contribution will not be revealed publicly, and every contribution given will be gratefully appreciated.

You can donate to this fundraising effort by clicking on the following link or clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of this page:

Please note that you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service. Simply choose the credit card option or sign in as guest to use any major credit card.

Alternatively, you can wire transfer your contribution directly to Jesper’s wife using the following information, using your own bank’s services for doing so or an online platform like

The information that you will need for doing so is here:

Recipient Information:

Name:    Ingeborg Skriver

Bank name:    Nordea

Branch Address: Nytorv 5, 4660 Store Heddinge

Branch number:   2340

SWIFT CODE:  NDEADKKKXXX  (can delete last 3 letters if needed)

Account number:   3490950078

(Note: Please include the text “Jesper123″ in the Notes field in order to make the family’s accounting work easier)
Friends who have visited Jesper lately relate that he is extremely touched by, and grateful for, all the kind wishes that have been sent his way by his many friends, fans, and colleagues from around the world. He has mentioned, too, even prior to this email, that should he be able to finish his new book this year, he wants to include in it an acknowledgement of all the people who have supported him during this exceedingly difficult time.

On behalf of Jesper Hoffmeyer and his family, then, we thank you all for whatever contribution you are able to provide him with at this time, and we wish you all many productive and rewarding years ahead and, above all, continued good health.

Yours very gratefully,

The International Society for Biosemiotic Studies

PS:  Please feel free to distribute this link broadly and widely, also, to all and any people or organizations that you know of that are interested in Jesper Hoffmeyer’s work.  Thank you so, so much again!